‘The Painted Word’ – The work of Alec Lewis

After studying at Carmarthen Art School Alec obtained a Diploma in Art & Design at Maidstone College of Art, before entering the advertising industry as an art director. He worked on accounts like British Leyland Mini and Land-Rover, Big D Nuts and Pepsi; working with people like Twiggi, Henry Cooper, Hurricane Higgins and Tony Gregg.

He later went freelance and moved to Devon living in Chagford on the edge of Dartmoor. While freelancing at a London agency he was asked to go to Bahrain for two months to work on the British Airways account and
in the end Alec spent eleven years in Bahrain and Dubai.

When Alec retired ten years ago and moved to Tenby full time, and started painting again (although he never stopped sketching and painting).  He has an exhibition of his paintings on at the museum at the moment called ‘The Painted Word’ which reflects his interest in the written word, whether it’s in music, poetry, myth or legend, and the people that have influenced his life. William Blake, Oscar Wilde and of course Dylan Thomas. “Also included are my musical heroes like Lennon, Dylan, Elvis and Leonard Cohen, and the two visual icon of the 20th century – Marilyn Monroe and Elvis – both tortured souls and both still iconic today”.

“In my work I use all elements that are available to me and mix watercolour with acrylics and collage on canvas. It is possible to make art out of anything; bits of wrapping paper, pieces of cardboard, used tickets; whatever you like.”

Alec is also concerned with the environment and has painted many images of the Green Man – the perennial symbol of our unity with the natural world – always with us especially in churches where the imagery was used as a link between Christianity and paganism.