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  • On becoming a volunteer, 06 Feb 2018 in Culture

  • On becoming a volunteer

    When I retired I felt I needed something to give me back a routine and to make me feel useful.

    A friend indicated that more volunteers were required to man the shop at our local Royal National Lifeboat Institution and so I agreed to give it a try.

    I was given full training and I found the decision to join the organisation was the right one. Volunteering introduced me to new skills including how to use the modern cash register and the credit card machine. I learned to unpack and display new stock and to balance the accounts at the end of a shift.

    Most of all I enjoy meeting people of all nationalities and walks of life. It is delightful seeing the children enjoying the experience. We are asked many questions about the organisation some of which I can answer and some of which require some research on my part.

    I spend only 2 hours a week and am willing to do more if needed especially during the summer holiday when we are very busy.

    Volunteering is giving something back to society and I heartily recommend it.