Christmas Stockings

The months are winding down to the end of the year and Christmas time looms again.

Like every year, I hang out my Christmas stocking in the hope that Father Christmas will bring me that ticket to Rio and my two front teeth….

So far, no luck, but then perhaps this is the year? CHRISTMAS STOCKINGSI mean, after all, the whole meaning behind the stocking was in fact to help person or persons down on their luck. I’m borderline…

Historically it seems that St Nicholas the Christian Bishop of the early 4Th Century  (of Greece or Turkey but not Lapland) was born into a wealthy family. After his parents died he began to distribute their wealth to people who were less fortunate than himself.

Some of the fortunate who were beneficiaries of his generosity were three young women. Their distressing plight surrounded their fathers in ability to pay for their dowry in spite of their considerable beauty and the conundrum was being discussed by local villagers. Upon hearing this issue and discovering that their father was too proud to ask for help or accept charity St Nick (of Greece or Turkey but not Lapland or the other one!!!) decided to intervene.   Apparently he saw the freshly laundered stockings of the three women hanging by the fire to dry and threw three bags of gold, one into each of the girls stockings. The following morning when checking their laundry, the young women were thrilled to discover their newfound wealth. Each one was able to enter into an advantageous marriage.   Their father was overjoyed to off load the three women.

It is interesting to note that gold foil covered chocolate money, like oranges, still often makes an appearance in stockings of today, although not normally those hung by the fire. Any real gold coins making an appearance in a young woman’s stockings is likely to be attributed a completely different meaning, as is anyone’s interest in a woman’s undergarments including their stockings…although I believe you can sell used ones for a fortune on eBay.

Happy Christmas everyone.

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