Enchanting Exhibition at Tenby Museum & Art Gallery

How many of us are guilty of walking around what we believe are familiar streets with our eyes metaphorically closed to our surroundings?  We pass by houses, shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels, civic buildings, turn corners and plod on going about our daily business, too engrossed in where we are going or what we should be doing to take in the finer details.

Linda Thompson is obviously not like that.  Her joint exhibition (with her husband Bill) at Tenby Museum reveals an eye that catches details that many of us are too often oblivious to.  Familiar scenes are given a quirky twist, often humorous, to capture the charm of a town that is overflowing with it.

Thus the picture-postcard town is seen as a view in the slot of a post-box, from the perspective of a lobster peering at the harbour from between baskets, or is suspended in a snow-globe or then given the warm pastel hues of the Mediterranean.  There are side streets, window frames, stained glass windows, reflections, buildings old and new, recognisable faces, and suddenly we find ourselves looking at a familiar location with brand new eyes open wide.   And every picture is gifted the warmth of the artist and the enchantment and love that she feels for this, our town.


Bill’s work presents a far different style.  Whereas Linda‘s vision is firmly with her surroundings and its people, Bill gives us a more geometric vision where the regularity of the shapes and lines, enhanced by his use of colour, are his focus.  This is the first time he has ever exhibited his work in a public gallery and says, “I like to think that the shapes and colour combinations leave the viewer with pleasant, positive thoughts and, if I am lucky, a smile on their face.”

This fabulous joint show runs at the museum until Sunday 7 May.  The pictures are for sale and if you want to go home with a smile, visit the exhibition and buy one!  You will not be disappointed.