Red Underwear, Cream and Grapes – it must be New Year’s Eve

Us Brits celebrate New Year’s Eve by having a good party and watching a fireworks display. Other countries do things differently.

The Italians believe that wearing Red Underwear on New Year’s Eve will bring love, prosperity and good luck during the New Year. The Swiss drop a dollop of cream on the floor to bring luck and riches while the Spanish eat 12 grapes in the final 12 seconds before the New Year to bring good luck in the coming 12 months. Our Irish neighbours have a tradition of banging bread against the walls of their houses on New Year’s Eve to chase away evil spirits.

By the way if you don’t have a pair of red underwear you can do as the Columbians do and wear a yellow pair. Apparently it has the same effect.

At midnight we all sing Auld Lang Syne. In case you are wondering what ‘Auld Lang Syne’ means I’m reliably informed that it translates as ‘time gone by’ or ‘old times’. So this year I will know for the first time what I’m actually singing!

So on New Year’s Eve if you see someone wearing red or yellow underwear, holding a pot of cream and scoffing 12 grapes in the seconds before midnight you now know why!NEW YEAR'S EVE

I’ll be down in Tudor Square enjoying the great atmosphere and the superb fireworks display provided by Lesley Fisher of Tenby House Hotel. Thank you Lesley.

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