Tenby Boxing Day Swim

Every year hundreds of temporary insane charge into the ice cold waters off Tenby’s North Beach on Boxing Day. Last year there were 700! Why would they do that?BOXING DAY SWIM

Is it to shake off the excesses of Christmas, the drinks, the food, the supine lethargy of it all, by the kill-or-cure sea water dosage of pain followed by the almost orgasmic sense of relief on survival?




Is it to set up the crack squad, the task-found-now-deliver group of likewise committed (or committable) friends to see out the challenge, bring home the bacon and then bask together in the afterglow of success, brandishing the victory medals to as many fellow hostelry imbibers as can be impressed?



Is it to grab the opportunity of grabbing others’ generosity by sacrificing self-comfort to realise reward for a self-chosen noble cause, or the event’s selected beneficiaries, at a time of year when those who have really should consider those who haven’t?





Or is it the enter-stage-door-right moment, when bedecked with the very best fancy dress can proffer, the best of show prize is dangling, thence to the water and laugh off the careful makeup, robes and uniform?




Or is it a combination of two or more of these or even other reasons, with each person running into the sea with different missions to fulfil?


Why not see if you can work out what drives this insanity – 11.00 on 26th December, North Beach, Tenby

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