Walking on Water

At the beginning of the 20th Century the adventurous and enterprising Mr William Llewellyn having long cherished the idea of being able to walk on water and decided to make a further attempt at accomplishing the feat. A couple of years earlier his efforts had ended in a disastrous failure meeting with, in a very literal manner, a cold water reception!

Mr Llewelyn was not daunted. He was determined to continue his labours towards the solution of the problem which he had set himself. So for a further period of several months he continued his investigations. Having made an apparently successful attempt at Lydstep the editor of the Tenby Observer laid the proposal before him that he should demonstrate his invention to the people of Tenby. Consequently at 3.30 on Saturday 25th October 1902 as many as 2000 people assembled on Castle Hill and the pier to view his demonstration.

His water walking apparatus comprised a pair of miniature catamaran shaped boots. WALKING ON WATERAn accident seemed inevitable–the shaky state of the boots threatening more than once to precipitate the wearer into the water, but by skilful handling of the steering rod he succeeded in keeping with the catamarans close together thus maintained his equilibrium.

The crowd looked on with growing interest if not astonishment as Mr Llewelyn with his apparatus well in hand began to move through the water with a half walk half slide sort of motion.

After going 50 yards he turned and retraced his course, landing at the steps to the old pier. He walked for almost half an hour without mishap, his achievement is regarded as a remarkable one, proving as it does that water walking boots can be successfully constructed from wood and aluminium!

This seems like an ideal opportunity to begin another brilliant Tenby tradition! The event -“Walking on Water” and the construction of various fun gadgets to do the same. It just needs someone to take it on!? Maybe we could compete for the Mr Llewellyn memorial prize to recognise his amazing enthusiasm and enterprise. What a man!!


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