From ‘Year of Legends’ to ‘Year of the Sea’, 2018 approaches

It hardly seems possible that this year of 2017 with its legendary theme is now heading towards it close and 2018 and Visit Wales’ new ‘Year of the Sea’ project is about to begin.

Preparations have already been in the pipeline for sometime and many organisations and individuals are already planning their events launch!

Like the Year of Legends, the new nautical theme is ideally suited to a county like Pembrokeshire. We have some of the finest coastline in the world.

Many years ago, whilst doing one of my historical walks, I chatted to a woman from London who had come to Tenby on the recommendation of her neighbour. The person in question, a travel editor of one of the big national newspapers, had told her that for work he had travelled all over the world but that he always came to Tenby and Pembrokeshire for his family holidays as it simply couldn’t be beaten for beauty!



Well I’m probably biased but I think its true. I was looking out of the window at the crack of dawn this morning with the fabulous sparkling sea with Caldey across the sound and the houses and trees silhouetted against the peachy pink and gold of the sun kissed sky and I just had smile and think how lucky am I?


Of course all the themes continue really as Wales has so much to offer for the adventurous, is totally legendary, surrounded by fabulous coastline and is always utterly epic!

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