2019 is Wales’s Year of Discovery

So what might we tempt you to discover in Tenby?

Tenby Museum & Art Gallery, 140 years old and still as vibrant with six weekly art exhibitions and collections of all ages and sizes;TUDOR MERCHANT's HOUSE

The Tudor Merchant’s House, oldest remaining building and an exhibition of 15th Century living hosted by The National Trust;

Paxton’s Sea Water Baths and Assembly Rooms, built as part of the town’s burgeoning reinvention as a tourist destination in the early 19th Century;

The Stowaway Café, tucked into one of the arches leading down Penniless Cove to the harbour;

Prince Albert, atop Castle Hill, Wales’s monument to Queen Victoria’s much loved husband;

Tenby’s Huff House, atop North Cliff, a statement to 21st Century architecture and living;

SHANLEY's PAVILIONThe wide steps that used to lead down to the South Beach’s Shanley’s Pavilion, a Victorian six floor entertainment complex, built in 1929, demolished some fifty years later. It included a cinema, ballroom, skating rink, conference and function rooms and an amusement arcade, all capable of being used at the same time.

An introduction to not one, two, three, but four Tenby Lifeboat Stations, from the oldest, built in 1852, to the youngest built some seven years ago. Its predecessor, Grand Designs featured, dates  from 1905 and these days is used as a holiday home. All the stations are still standing, waiting to be found by you.

And that’s just delving into Tenby’s rich heritage, not touching its bejewelled sporting summers, festivals at all times of year, markets, traditions, and so on and on and on ……. Best you discover Tenby for yourself!