A Tenby Town Walls Trust?

Andrew Davies, Town Clerk to Tenby Town Council  wrote to a number of Tenby organisations last October saying that  the Council had been concerned about the maintenance of the town walls for some time. Pembrokeshire County Council is responsible to Cadw for maintaining this Grade One listed structure but due to austerity cuts has a very limited budget to cover maintenance for all the historic buildings in the county.

Tenby Town Walls are of national importance and, internationally, Tenby is the founder member of the Walled Towns Friendship Circle (Now European Walled Towns).


Cllr. Caroline Thomas, a former Mayor of Tenby had heard that a volunteer trust had taken over the maintenance of Pembroke Town Walls. Tenby Council wanted to find out whether any group or individual might be interested in forming a similar voluntary organisation which could take over the Tenby town walls from the County Council, as they would have access to sources of charity funding not open to either council.

The aim in the first place would be to make sure the walls were maintained for future generations. There are then a number of proposals to make the walls a greater attraction for tourists and to involve local people more closely with a worthwhile project close to home. Obviously, if a voluntary organisation were set up it would need a proper constitution and a wide number of people and talents to make sure that it was well-run and effective. Among the skills and experience needed would be people with business knowledge, architectural expertise, an appropriate historical background, fundraising experience and practical skills like stone masonry and gardening. More important is enthusiasm, common sense and a desire to commit time and effort.

So this article is in a way an appeal. If you are a Tenby resident, or a frequent visitor to the town, and you feel that you have skills and expertise to offer and would like to get involved, then please get in touch.

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