Shifting Sands

I am sure I am not the only person noticing the way that the sand on the beaches around Tenby seems to be higher, lower and more or less rocky than before.  For example, I seem to remember that when I was doing my bucket and sand heavy engineering , damming streams on the North Beach (Aged about 5 or 6),  that the beach was much lower. I seem to remember many more rocks showing and plenty of water under the diving board on Goscar Rock.

Now some of the build up of sand on the North may have been a result of the “new” promenade in the 1960’s.  But that can’t explain the loss of sand from the dunes at the Penally end of the South Beach. My impression is that the sand seems to be moving from west to east from Giltar, around the Tenby beaches and on towards Waterwynch.

Now this may be a temporary thing. Perhaps my memory is playing tricks. So is there any way we can actually see the difference in the height of sand on the various beaches at various times over the past fifty years or so? It may be that looking at postcards and photographs from then and now will show differences in the beaches.  Have a look below and see what you think…






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