World UFO Day – 2nd July 2018

Although it maybe hard to believe, in 1977 one of the most famous series of sightings in British UFO history became known as The West Wales flap and refers particularly to the ‘Broad Haven’ or ‘Dyfed Triangle’.

Subsequent to some earlier sightings in 1976 a local UFO expert predicted that this would herald a spate of similar events in West Wales. However no one could have imagined that on 4th February 1977, there would be a mass sighting of a silver cigar shaped UFO by 15 school children at Broad Haven Primary School.

Aged from nine to 11 years, the children claimed that they had seen a silver man with pointed ears emerge from the craft that had landed in the fields behind their school. Initially dismissed as fantasy, their head teacher eventually asked them to draw the UFO. He was amazed at how similar each of their pictures was.

The event became an overnight sensation with journalists and TV crews flocking to the Welsh coast from all corners of the UK!

A variety of other events compounded the phenomenon including the terrified Coombs family at Ripperston Farm who were plagued with repeated close encounters with UFOs and their occupants which resulted in a number of chases, apparitions, burned out cars and TV sets and horrendous electricity bills! Not to mention a herd of cows that were inexplicably teleported from a locked field into to an adjacent farmyard!?

Subsequently, documents released in 2005 have revealed that a secret military investigation was launched into claims that alien craft and their tall humanoid occupants were taking a particular interest in the Welsh coastline.

Obviously, most of us locally are engaged in tourism and I personally welcome interest in the area by extra-terrestrial beings. My main concern is that they will be bringing their own accommodation and not actually increasing the per capita spend in the immediate locality. I can see this would be a challenge in the local supermarkets and indeed restaurants, but I have certainly enjoyed a few out-of-this-world delicacies at a number of local eating establishments. I think as ever we will rise to the challenge.

Suffice to say, that on World UFO day on 2nd July many of us will be scanning the skies for signs of life and any suggestions as to where we can send the brochures will be gratefully received!UFO