The Alexander Partnership

At The Alexander Partnership:

  • We aim to be proactive, approachable and sympathetic
  • We work in ‘partnership’ with our clients
  • We can act as business advisors and become involved in business decisions
  • We have a wide variety of resources at our disposal
  • Our fees are adjusted to suit the area of work and the client’s situation
  • National client service at local fee levels
  • Tax aspects of Caravan sub-letting income

It’s not always appreciated that anyone can call themselves an ‘accountant’ even if they have no qualifications or experience! Furthermore many sets of initials after the accountant’s name actually mean very little. Only Chartered Accountants are permitted to use the initials ACA or FCA after their name.

In order to become members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales they have had to spend several years in on-the-job training and have had to pass tough examinations in taxation, company law, accounting principles etc. If they want to set up in practice offering their services to the public they need several more years of experience and they are also required to have adequate insurance to protect clients against professional negligence. In addition, throughout their entire career, they have to demonstrate that they are keeping up to date by attending lectures and reading professional literature.

The Institute requires very high standards of integrity, competence and independence from its members. The reputation of Chartered Accountants as the leading professional accountancy body was hard-earned, and is consequently highly prized and zealously guarded by the Institute and its members.

The present client base covers many commercial activities from tourism and leisure, farming, oil industry contractors, professional practices, motor and allied trades, builders and civil engineers, to voluntary and charitable organisations.

In addition, a specialist tax advice service to caravan owners operates UK wide and a personal tax service to professional sportsmen and women covers Wales. Professional rugby provides the main focus, with over 100 players as clients, including many of the Welsh squad.

On the wider front, the practice audits the UK business of a US multinational and also deals with the affairs of Foreign Office diplomats and a number of overseas based contractors.

The firm offers a complete range of services to meet the needs of the broad base of clients, from the international to the one man operation, and a tax advice service for the individual.

The same level of personal and professional service at partner level is provided to all, be they corporate, partnership or personal.

Telephone Number: 01834 844743