Holiday for the holiday hosts

Well in reality the season has come to an end, or gotten so substantially quieter generally speaking, that the lowly self employed sole trader can finally embark on their own holiday. Obviously this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while as I try to enhance my visitors and clients vacations through the summer, but what to do come November? I mean of course usually one would be thinking about Tenby Blues Festival for a start, but this year it is something different . This year the destination has been selected for me,  I have thrown out the boat and am enroute to Barbados as we speak.


Let me just qualify by saying this is a friends wedding I am go to, so not my first choice (Bognor Regis), but I think in a few minutes or so I will come to terms with it. Like everyone, I ran through the usual rigmarole as I walked to the train, did I turn off the lights/turn off the alarm/change the times on the central heating/ put the rubbish out and turn off the iron? I don’t know why I worry about the latter, the iron hasn’t been out of the box since 1996, it’s almost vintage. I LOVE YOU SPANDEX! I packed everything I need, and a few things extra, knickers obviously, more clothes than I will wear and a few things to read…. Probably…, although one book is a bit work orientated…. I may glance at it. Having slept for nearly two hours before the taxi arrived to get us to the airport it was relatively trouble free, apart from the return journey to retrieve the forgotten items….. it was only a few miles across London.. 

Interestingly the alcohol is free on the plane! We are not travelling Ryan Air! Naturally I felt obligated to have a G&T, and it seemed churlish not to have the wine…Generally speaking, if I were presented with a main meal, that measured 10cms x 8cms and a pud that I was only 3cms sq and less than 5 teaspoons of culinary delight, I might feel cheated, and consider that nouvelle cuisine had sunk to new depths of incredulity, but because it is on an airplane it seems utterly acceptable. Is that the wine speaking I wonder? (as I consume the accompanying pack of 6 pretzels?) Nah! I think I am finally on holiday!! Whoopee!

Across the aisle is a two year old child with her iPad. Normally of course I would ask a teenager, but, I think she may be able to help me with some social media issues I’ve been having, I’ll wait till she’s finished her kiddie meal….BARBADOS POOLSIDE