A Partridge in a Pair Tree

Has your true love ever given you a Partridge in a Pair Tree for Christmas? It’s November so naturally my thoughts have been turning to Christmas Shopping. Years ago, when I was young, my parents did all their Christmas shopping in Tenby. I started wondering if that would still be possible today? Walking around the town it’s nice to note the mix of shops in the High Street, Frog Street, Tudor Square and St Julian Street. The town has a really useful mixture of national chain stores and many locally owned unique shops offering a real alternative. The new layout in the covered market has also attracted several new stallholders. In fact the range of goods available in Tenby today is probably greater than it was during my childhood.

The town centre appears to be thriving with only one vacant shop in the High Street. If you’re looking for unique or unusual Christmas presents Tenby would be a great place to start. It’s my opinion that Tenby has now overtaken Narberth as a shopping destination. In fact it’s probably the best shopping centre in Pembrokeshire for choice and variety. So in my opinion the answer to the question is yes you can do all your Christmas shopping in Tenby.

My answer to the question about the Partridge by the way is no. Nor has she ever given me Two Turtledoves for that matter. Never mind there is always next Christmas to look forward too!

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